Building the first universal <span class="wp-yellow-text">quantum computer</span>this is humanity's next <span class="wp-yellow-text">challenge</span>

// mission

We believe in a future where humans play by the same rules as Nature

  • Accessing the quantum world will require a new canvas to paint upon: a quantum computer.


// first: Escape decoherence

Today’s quantum computers don’t work. Their basic building blocks, qubits, are too fragile. Disturbed by our noisy classical world they run into errors: they “decohere”. We must design better qubits.


We are quantum designers

  • We pioneer the Cat Qubit, the first qubit with built-in error correction to make quantum computers useful.

  • What will you do with exponential computing power?

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The Box is our team of experts to get you ready to discover, identify and seize early quantum advantage opportunities for your business.



We believe in open innovation, which is why you can test cat qubits from anywhere in the world, today.

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Join a team of pioneers, scientists and dreamers determined to accomplish one of the hardest tasks there is: building the first universal quantum computer.