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European Innovation Council announces new wave of start-up champions

14 October 2021
Alice & Bob

Michel Devoret joins Alice&Bob as a scientific advisor.

12 October 2021
Alice & Bob

INDUSTIES & TECHNOLOGIES – Alice&Bob’s quest for ideal qubit

14 June 2021
Alice & Bob

L’Usine Digitale – Alice & Bob works on so-called Schrödinger superconducting qubits. The French start-up seeks to develop a perfect qubit rather than increasing the number of qubits to correct any errors. An approach backwards from its competitors.

8 June 2021
Alice & Bob

Which are the deeptech startups that are the most exciting ? To find out, we asked six top French investors for which companies they were most excited about. There was only one rule: they could not put the companies in their own portfolios.

1 June 2021
Alice & Bob

LA TRIBUNE – Race for quantum computing: “Alice & Bob will need new funding in face of competition from Amazon”

7 May 2021
Alice & Bob

In a blog post published on April 12, Amazon detailled its desire to build its own quantum calculator. The giant used the so-called cat superconducting qubits. A French technology, carried by the Parisian start up Alice & Bob.

3 May 2021
Alice & Bob

LE POINT – These researchers are taking the bet on quantum. Materials, aircraft design, modeling of molecules: this is what this computing could change.

1 May 2021

Thanks to the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) for this spotlight on our approach to the universal quantum computer and fault tolerant!

1 October 2020