DECODE QUANTUM- Olivier Ezratty interviews Mazyar Mirrahimi on cat quits

18 November 2021

LES ECHOS- How quantum might transform agriculture and help drug discovery

6 November 2021

LES ECHOS- Alice & Bob, the Parisian startup scoffing at Amazon

18 October 2021

Tech 45′ podcast – Sebastien Couasnon interviews Alice & Bob’s CEO on quantum computing race

8 October 2021

Thanks to the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) for this spotlight on our approach to the universal quantum computer and fault tolerant!

1 October 2020

Decode Quantum. In this podcast, Olivier Ezratty meets Alice&Bob co-founders Raphaël Lescanne and Théau Peronnin.

24 June 2020

Raphaël Lescanne and Théau Peronnin presented Alice&Bob on French television. Check it out ! (Beware, it’s in French)

13 June 2020

We talked about Alice & Bob in “le Nouveau Monde” de Jérome Colombain on Franceinfo

30 May 2020
I subscribe to their CEO’s statement:

“... Peronnin said hardware will be the key differentiator for companies that operate in this field, rather than the software or algorithms that run on it.”
Andreas Wallraff @AndreasAtETH