Junior Quantum Software dev.

  • Full-time permanent position
  • Master degree
  • Paris, France

My first stop on any time-travel expedition would be Bell Labs in December 1947.

Bill Gates

Alice&Bob is taking up the challenge of building a Universal Quantum Computer, from the first building block to the whole machine. We are an ambitious team pursuing the dream of harnessing the computational power of quantum mechanics. Come and join us on this extraordinary quest!

The company is located in Paris, France. You will join Alice&Bob’s Quantum Software Team in order to develop from scratch the software environment of the first generation of Alice&Bob’s quantum processor.

As a Quantum Software Developer, your mission will be to upgrade the tools developed amongst the research laboratories to an industrial standard. You will work hand in hand with the experimental physicists building the quantum processor and develop new tools needed to control and design an ever more complex system.

If you are a tech explorator, craving to help shape the bios of tomorrow’s first universal quantum computer, come and join us !


  • Participate in the software development of Alice&Bob;
  • Develop tools to robustify and accelerate the research of our physicists;
  • Upgrade our existing softwares to industrial quality;
  • Build a new custom experiment control software.


  • Development of industry software with strong team spirit;
  • Very good grasp of C and Python;
  • Handling communication with scientific instruments in a reliable and fast ways;
  • Experience of development of a scientific project, from the literature review to the production of results and analysis, passing by the implementation of algorithms.


  • Seeking excellence and thrilled by the challenge;
  • Pain point hunter, automation maniac;
  • Long game thinker;
  • Big picture overseer and synthesis minded;
  • Ability to reason and spot corner cases by reading source code;
  • Having an excellent and honest analysis;
  • Looking beyond the obvious and not stopping at the first answers.


  • Good grasp of numpy;
  • General understanding of how modern common CPU architectures work and interact with memory and peripherals;
  • Knowledge of POSIX API relative to interprocess synchronization (socket, memory shared…);
  • Full stack development: from the low level programming of a microcontroller in assembly to the implementation of analysis scripts in python;
  • Broad scientific culture;
  • Having an excellent and honest analysis;
  • Demonstrable interest for development outside the working environment (e.g. Personal projects, Open Source, papers, GitHub, etc.).