Nanofabrication Engineer

  • Master degree/PhD in related area
  • Cleanroom experience
  • Paris, France

“My first stop on any time-travel expedition would be Bell Labs in December 1947.”

Bill Gates

Alice&Bob is taking up the challenge of building a Universal Quantum Computer, from the first building block to the whole machine. We are an ambitious team pursuing the dream of harnessing the computational power of quantum mechanics. Come and join us on this extraordinary quest!

Alice&Bob has an immediate opening for a Nanofabrication Engineer position based in Paris, France. The quantum computer we envision building is based on superconducting circuits. As a Nanofabrication Engineer, you will be in charge of fabricating and characterizing the superconducting qubits and other circuit components. Starting from the small-scale fabrication, at the later stage you will be involved in the scaling-up of the whole process.

This position will also involve a close interaction with the team of quantum physicists and microwave engineers in order to identify and pursue new development axes. If you are a tech explorer, craving to challenge yourself on the meticulous task of forging a quantum processor, come and join us!


  • Fabricate superconducting circuits;
  • Improve the current fabrication and characterization techniques;
  • Train future employees and collaborating labs’ staff;
  • Prepare fabrication equipment and facilities for scaling-up.


  • Masters or PhD in engineering, physics or related areas;
  • Several years of cleanroom experience;
  • Being comfortable with photo-/laser-/e-beam lithography, thin film deposition, wet and dry chemical etching
  • Experience in scanning and analysing techniques;
  • Experience in fabricating superconducting circuits is an asset, but not required.
  • Experience in 3D-integration is an asset


  • Meticulous and patient;
  • Never satisfied with good enough;
  • Initiative and creative;
  • Team-spirit, information sharing and curiousness of others’ work.