PhD in quantum physics

  • Full-time 3 years
  • Master degree
  • Paris / Lyon, France

“My first stop on any time-travel expedition would be Bell Labs in December 1947.”

Bill Gates

Alice&Bob is taking up the challenge of building a Universal Quantum Computer, from the first building block to the whole machine. We are an ambitious team pursuing the dream of harnessing the computational power of quantum mechanics. Come and join us on this extraordinary quest!

The company is located in Paris, France. The quantum computer we envision building is based on a new kind of superconducting qubit invented and developed by Alice & Bob and its academic partners : the Schrödinger cat qubit. The crux of this qubit is its astonishing ability to implement quantum error correction autonomously. We already demonstrated experimentally the exponential suppression of bit-flip errors but there are many other fundamental questions that remain to be solved. By joining Alice & Bob for a PhD in quantum physics, you will be on the frontline of both research and technology.

If you are a tech explorer, craving to challenge yourself and make quantum computing come true, come and join us!


  • Master’s degree in quantum physics;
  • Experience in experimental physics is an asset;
  • Experience in computer programming is an asset.


  • Seeking excellence and thrilled by the challenge; 
  • Initiative and innovation; 
  • Team-spirit, information sharing and curiousness of others’ work.