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We are an ambitious team pursuing the dream of harnessing the computational power of quantum mechanics.

Alice&Bob is taking up the challenge of building an ideal Quantum Computer, from the first building block to the whole machine. We are a growing and passionate team of physicists, engineers, innovators and explorers aiming for elegant solutions to challenging problems.

If you are an adventurer, craving to shape tomorrow’s impactful quantum computers, come and join us !



Follow your guts, open new paths, leverage elegant physics, teach and learn, those are our mottos.



Every great construction requires a strong foundation. We cultivate humility and confidence through a rigorous scientific approach.



We aim for the most ambitious goals and we give ourselves the means to achieve them.

There is always room onboard for sharp minds
Our team is always open to new talents

Our vacancies


Trust your instincts, and come join the crew !

  • Full-time permanent position
  • Paris, France

Experimental internship

Study and design of superconducting cat-qubits and quantum hardware optimization

  • 4 to 6 months
  • Paris, France

System Administrator

You will build & structure our IT practice in a fast-growing environment.

  • Full-time
  • 3 years+ experience
  • Paris, France

Finance Manager

You will be responsible for all financial aspects of the company and support our fundraising efforts.

  • Full time
  • 3 years+ experience
  • Paris, France

Lead Physicist

You will lead one of our main research axis towards the ideal superconducting QC

  • Full-time permanent position
  • Experimental PI
  • Paris, France

Junior Physicist

You will be on the front line of our research, designing and performing novel qubit experiments

  • Full-time permanent position
  • Experimental post-doc
  • Paris, France