Boson 4 cat qubit Quantum Processor from Alice & Bob



// The first and only cat qubits on the cloud

Test quantum hardware

To escape decoherence and build a fault tolerant, universal quantum computer you need better qubits, error corrected by design. Access our Cat Qubits on Google Cloud today, and try the longest bit-flip lifetime on a superconducting qubit in the world.

Cat sleeping on a cloud Alice & Bob

Boson 4

The first cat qubit chip ever to be available on the cloud. Get a glimpse of what happens in our Paris Labs and test record breaking bit flip lifetimes.

// Discover the future of quantum 

Emulate quantum circuits

Physical mode

Emulate systems of cat qubits in physical mode. Run error correction and create logical qubits to reach impressively low error rates using just a few cat qubits.

Logical mode

Emulate quantum processors with error-corrected qubits in logical mode. Run your first fault-tolerant quantum algorithms.

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    Emulate small quantum systems locally, free and open-source.

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    Access both real hardware and emulators through your secure Equinix environment. Contact us to learn more.

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    Access logical qubit emulators on the cloud.

Take a front-row seat at the quantum race

Become part of a community of fellow quantum researchers that are moved by the same desire of building a fault tolerant quantum computer. Get inspired, share ideas and compare results.

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