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Harnessing Quantum Nature 

// Quantum Mechanics + Computing = Quantum Computing

A qubit can be 0, 1 or somewhere in between, thanks to a fundamental law of quantum mechanics: superposition.

01 // 03

If a classical bit can be represented as an arrow pointing either up or down…

02 // 03

A qubit can be represented by an arrow pointing to any of the infinite points on a sphere’s surface, with 0 and 1 at its poles.

03 // 03

Two specific cases, where the arrow is on opposite sides of the equator, are called the ‘+’ and ‘-’ states.

// When reality kicks in

Humans do not experience quantum for a reason: everything is a perturbation for a qubit.

01 // 03

When a qubit is affected by noise its state changes randomly, leading to bit-flips, switching 0 and 1…

02 // 03

Or phase-flips, switching + and -.

03 // 03

Over time, we lose the quantum information encoded in the qubit – a process known as decoherence.


Quantum Errors

Entangled Cat Alice & Bob

Errors happen 10,000 times a second currently. No wonder quantum computers can’t compute very well yet.

Luckily, error correction codes track errors each time they happen, retrieving the quantum information lost through decoherence to create an error-corrected, logical qubit.

Entangled Cat Alice & Bob

The cost of error correction

Quantum error correction works by redundancy, extending the quantum information over several physical qubits.

Redundancy means hundreds of physical qubits for a single error-corrected logical qubit.

To build a useful quantum computer we need hundreds of such logical qubits…



// Error Precorrected

What if you could correct errors before they even happen?


Alice & Bob’s Cat Qubit does exactly that. Our pioneering approach is bit-flip protected.

We deal only with one class of errors, the phase-flip, reducing quantum error correction to one dimension. Simple.

Thanks to this, a logical qubit could be assembled using as few as 5 physical cat qubits.

Such a low overhead helps us lead the race to building a fault-tolerant quantum computer.


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