Taming quantum mechanics is mankind's next challenge

It takes a team to assemble elegant solutions into an impactful machine to solve the profound challenges that mankind is facing.
Alice and Bob, the two characters used as placeholders in textbook exercises, embody the fact that building such a computer requires rigorous insights from various scientific fields.

Alice & Bob Team

Thiziri Aissaoui
Emanuele Albertinale
Quantum Physicist
Danielius Banys
Microwave Engineer
Marion Bécel
HR Manager
Nicolas Bourdaud
Lead Software Engineer
Nathanaël Cottet
Quantum Physicist
Louise Devanz
Junior Quantum Engineer
Antoine Essig
Quantum Physicist
Pierre Février
Quantum Physicist
Adrien Gicquel
Junior Software Engineer
Antoine Gras
Chief of Engineering
Jérémie Guillaud
Chief of Theory
Pierre Guilmin
Mattis Hallén
Junior Microwave Engineer
Anissa Jacob
Quantum Physicist Intern
Sébastien Jezouin
Chief of Experiments
François-Marie Le Régent
Raphaël Lescanne
Paul Magnard
Quantum Engineer
Antoine Marquet
Alexandre May
Anil Murani
Quantum Physicist
Anahí Osuna Gaxiola
Office Manager
Natalia Pankratova
Lead Nanofabrication Engineer
Théau Peronnin
Ivana Petkovic
Quantum Physicist
Antoine Pintart
Product Coordinator
Chloé Poisbeau
Chief Organisation Officer
Stéphane Polis
Mechanical Engineer
Felix Rautschke
Lead Microwave Engineer
Erwan Roverc'h
Quantum Experiment Intern
Ulysse Réglade
Julien Roul
Laboratory Technician
Diego Ruiz
Quantum Theory Intern
Jeremy Stevens
Quantum Engineer
Blaise Vignon
Chef Product Officer
Jean-Loup Ville
Quantum Physicist
Pierre Wan-Fat
Junior Software Engineer

Scientific board

Philippe Campagne-Ibarcq
Emmanuel Flurin
Benjamin Huard
ENS de Lyon
Zaki Leghtas
Mines ParisTech /
Mazyar Mirrahimi

Building an ideal quantum computer is a paradox. On the one hand we want our system to be in a box isolated from the classical world to avoid decoherence. On the other hand, we need the ability to control and program it.

Raphaël Lescanne

Think inside the box where quantum mechanics rules the game and discover uncanny solutions

Théau Peronnin

Thinking inside the (quantum) box is essential to unlock the full power of quantum mechanics

Jérémie Guillaud

It is really hard to understand quantum mechanics for a classical mind. So jump inside the box and start to be quantum!

Sebastien Jezouin